Self-Care Stress Tracker with Breathing Exercises & Stress Point analysis.

How Sola Works

You can leave updates in a few taps, pick mood and activities. Solar will crunch the data and let you know where and when you are most stressed and suggest breathing exercises to try.

Easy & Free

Great mental health is for everyone, Sola gives you a simple, relaxing and free experince so you can focus on getting less stressed.

Track the stress

With Sola you can keep track how when and where you are feeling stressed.

Take a breath

In Sola you'll find a growing list of breathing exercises, helping you to do somehting about that stress.

Understand Yourself

With Sola you can reflect on your stress reports to get an idea of what's giving you stress.

What Users Think

It's so easy to use!! I love it!

- Ella -

It really help to have that collection of breating exercies in your pocket when you need them most.

- Dan -

I can't beleive it's free!

- Troy -

Our Promise To You

We promise to never sell your personal data, the level of stress you feel as an inidividual is no one elses business. If for some reason we need to user your personal data we'll ask you first. Your privacy is very improtant to us.